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Terms and Conditions

Offer valid until 30/11/2021. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Vouchers are only applicable on future bookings with Hightide Holidays. We may offer, and you may redeem, Vouchers on selected products from time to time.

Save as you may otherwise be entitled based on your Member Level, we are under no obligation to provide any number of Vouchers, or any Vouchers providing any particular benefit, at any time.

The availability of any Voucher, or the benefits granted by any Voucher, may vary and may not meet your specific requirements from time to time.

Unless otherwise specified, Vouchers are valid for three years from the date they are issued, or the minimum period that such vouchers are valid by law (whichever is the longer).

Redemption of Vouchers may be subject to additional terms (whether by us or by a third party) including:

(a) Vouchers may not be redeemable for some Bookings;
(b) Vouchers may only be redeemable subject to certain conditions including, without limitation, time of travel, number of travellers, or duration of stay; and
(c) the number of Vouchers that may be redeemed in respect of a single Booking, may be limited or may not stack or accumulate.
You may share Vouchers with other Members and purchase additional Vouchers for family and friends.

Vouchers have no resale, face, redemption, or other inherent or intrinsic value, and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Lost Vouchers cannot be replaced and are not redeemable for cash.

You agree that:

(a) we may decline to accept your redemption of a Voucher at any time and for any reason; and
(b) where we do not accept your Voucher redemption, you will be entitled to retain the Voucher for future use, and this is your sole remedy in respect of any non-redemption.

If your Membership expires or terminates for any reason, all unused Vouchers will be forfeited. If, by operation of law, Vouchers cannot be so forfeited, the Vouchers will be valid until expiry under paragraph 4.4 of the sit terms and conditions.

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